Supported Sites

We support a growing selection of websites

Inbuilt Features

Intuative features built for success

24/7 Monitoring

Built-in server side monitoring, Ignite optimizes user success and minimizes expenses.

Dashboard Analytics

Gain a full view of your success through our in depth dashboard analytics.

Generate Accounts

Instantly create hundreds of accounts for all supported sites


Seamlessly change between our CLI interface and GUI interface for two different user experiences.

Release Support

Stay informed on best practices and optimizations for each and every supported release.

Unlimited Tasks

Run thousands of tasks in multiple instances.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers for you

01 How much does Ignite cost?

Ignite costs $350 plus a monthly renewal of $50.

02 What operating systems does Ignite cost?

Ignite is windows only and does not support any Mac (OSX or iOS) operating systems.

03 Can I apply for a groupbuy?

Currently Ignite is not offering groupbuys or any other restock to the public.

04 Can i request a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital goods, all sales are considered final and will not be refunded unless there is an issue with key delivery or overselling.